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Crossing over the bridge and glimpsing Juicy Oasis for the first time was Nirvana. Juicy Oasis, located in rural Portugal is my idea of heaven on earth and I could not contain my excitement as we pulled up outside the front doors. I know the idea of consuming nothing but freshly extracted Juices and smoothies for 7 days is enough to make most people run in the opposite direction, but if you trust me on only one thing its the fact that Juicy O makes it the easiest choice you will ever make for your health and well being. Not only are the staff extremely helpful, supportive and friendly you are surrounded with boutique luxury, lush greenery and stunning mountain scenery. Accompanied by forty-six other human beings on the same journey, with the same optimism, doubts and fears.

For me, the idea of juicing for a whole week was exciting and not anything new (I have been juicing for the past ten years)  but for many people its a daunting thought. No solid food for seven days; and of course the sceptics “you are not going to eat anything for seven days.. that can’t be healthy.. are you crazy.. you will be so hungry” which of course does not help your mindset and is just NOT true, quite the opposite in fact. You are drinking your food, perfectly nutritious, wholesome, mineral & vitamin rich goodness that hits your blood stream in fifteen minutes and puts you on that juicy high. This high lasts for hours unlike the extreme highs and lows you get from eating junk food which tastes good in the moment, but does no good for the future of your health.

You see, with this nutritious juicy goodness you don’t get those highs and lows, it doesn’t play with your emotions like a yo yo – what more could you ask for? I know what a few of you are thinking – ‘how can I possibly relate to the majority of people who go to Juicy O when Im used to Juicing? How can I say its the easiest choice you will make!?’  and that my friends is where my dear mum comes into the equation. I have been trying to get her to take the correct direction for her health and well being for a long time. I can appreciate its not that easy with all of the temptations out there, and that is why we went to Juicy O together. I feel it was the only way my mum was going to truly reset and create new healthy habits. So after some how convincing her to come to Juicy O and juice for 7 days you can understand my excitement not only for my juicy journey ahead but more so hers. She wasn’t quite kicking and screaming when we left the UK but she wasn’t far off … like General Custer, mum made a final last stand and tucked into a full english breakfast at the airport, shame on you mother!

After being shown our beautiful room with stunning views we sat down to our first juice at 7.30pm, at 8pm you watch an optional educational documentary, we all enjoy trashy TV but why would you at Juicy O? The whole point of being here is to reset & rejuvenate body and mind. They had a fabulous range of Pukka herbal teas which I could not of lived without that week, it was nice to sip on something hot and delicious while we watched the documentary or whilst reading by the pool.

It was an early rise for mum and I at Juicy O, starting the day with yoga at 7.30 am. Please don’t misunderstand this is not a bootcamp, class attendance is voluntary, so if you would like to have a lie in, no problem. I wanted to immerse myself and embrace every moment, so yoga was a perfect start to the day. Taught by Victoria Adams, quite possibly the most angelic, warm hearted and sweet natured young girl I have ever met. Her yoga classes were a dream, the morning class would start with meditation which then progressed to quite a sweaty  and challenging workout. After, we would head to the cafe to have our power green shot. This was followed shortly by the morning hike, each day the hike would take a different route, allowing us to explore the natural landscape. Juicy O is actually situated on a wide flowing River, the River Zêzere but everyone calls it a Lake. A local village which had stunning views over the Lake was my personal favourite. When we got back our delicious juice would be waiting. Freshly made and ready to do its juicy job, no hassle, no cleaning up after yourself, simply sit down and enjoy. You can make full use of the Eden Spa, and for an extra fee you can enjoy treatments which are all reasonably priced.

Just some of the options included at Juicy O:

  • 7-Day Programme Juices, Smoothies & Shots
  • Daily Yoga Sessions
  • Daily Fitness Sessions
  • Rebounding Sessions
  • Mountain walks/rambles
  • Volleyball
  • Juice Demonstrations etc.
  • Sauna
  • Inspirational Films
  • Gym
  • Inside & Outside Hot Pools
  • Indoor Cycling
  • Mountain Bikes

Below is a typical day at Juicy O –


Terrific Tuesday 

7.30-8.15 Meditation Yoga

8.15-8.30 Power greens at Cafe

8.30-10.00 Hike – Forest Loop

10.30 Juice

10.45 Juicing Workshop

12.15-1.15 Hatha Yoga

1.30 Juice & Day 3 Coaching ( cinema ) 


4.30 Juice 

5-5.45 Body Active Fitness – Cardio & Abs 

5.45-6.15 Rebounding 

6.15-6.45 Volleyball 

6.45-7.30 Hatha Yoga & Relaxation 

7.30 Juice 

8.oo Documentary – ‘Food Matters’ 

You do not ‘weigh’ yourself at Juicy O. In my opinion scales are evil and so many people look at those numbers instead of how they actually feel. At Juicy O its all about health, after all health is the greatest wealth and as Jason has said on more than one occasion “If you don’t look after your body you will have no where to live”

Think about that for a moment!

I was surprised and pleased at how well my mum dealt with the first couple of days. Other than a few headaches she sailed through and didn’t complain once – bare in mind she has never done a juice only cleanse before. She also did not get hungry at all which just proves your body is getting all the nutrients from the juices and smoothies.

If my mum can do it anyone can do it.

This is a woman who loves cake, biscuits & dairy products and who was eating them on a daily basis. A woman who now back in the UK has taken on a new lease of life and is juicing and making healthy alternatives on a daily basis. A ‘normal’ woman who has swapped her Assam tea with cow’s milk for Pukka Herbal teas. A woman who has a new attitude and a new outlook on health and the detrimental effects of the drug industry. If my mum can do it, you can do it! Well done Mum.

I know the idea of juicing sounds tough, and maybe its not your typical getaway but you will have no regrets if you choose Juicy O, trust me. Shout out to Hannah, one of the managers.. thanks for your motivational talks and all your support. Carlos – thank you for the laughs and your infectious energy during classes.

Also to all the lovely ladies and gentlemen mum and I met on our Journey at Juicy O, It was a pleasure to meet you all. Keep up the momentum now you are back, remember why you started this journey in the first place.

Last but not least, Mr Jason Vale for having the passion and vision to create a very special retreat.

Finally, the photos ..


IMG_7709 (1).jpg

Group Chat with Hannah
My fabulous friend Simon and I



Wheat grass shots with orange ( my kinda shot )




IMG_7965 (1).jpg

IMG_7980 (1).jpg



One of the hiking routes
Ginger & apple shots and just Ginger shots 😛
How good do these look! If you are allergic to any of the ingredients or would like it less sweet for example they can make you a separate Juice just for you which will have your name attached.


Unlimited, fresh, filtered, juicy water








Red one
Loving the pool and my swimwear from ZwimZuit.com

IMG_8434 (1).jpg






Couldn’t of asked for a nicer bunch, until next time … Stay Juicy

Jason Vale Juice Retreats

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