Down Under


Hi Loves,

Sorry I have not updated you recently, I have been so busy. Now I am on the other side of the world!! An opportunity arose that I could not turn down.

I have arrived at Palm Beach Sydney and it is so very beautiful, warm and up until today, sunny. Home will always be where my family is but I would not mind living here at all, I am a total beach babe, I love everything about it, so Palm beach is simply perfect. I am staying in the most stunning house. The decor is simple, clean, white, and all the windows have the sweetest white shutters. Shabby chic at its best, and the best thing about this home is the light!

This trip is all about eating healthy, exercising and doing things that are good for the soul.

I am looking forward to taking lots of photos and hoping to provide you all with some Inspiration. These photos were taken on the balcony of this big white dream house. 🙂






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