A little Greek gem called Paxos

I recently visted the beautiful island of Paxos. It is said that the god Poseidon, was wishing to create a beautiful, peaceful island, far from the other gods and people, with a view to live there with his lover Amphitrite, so he struck his trident with force into the sea to the south of Coufu and Paxi took shape, with the blow he lost his trident. This was found later by the inhabitants of Paxi who made it their emblem.

You have to travel a little further to get to Paxos but it is worth it. We arrived in Corfu and took the short taxi ride to the port where we enjoyed a drink and waited for the dolphin boat. Just under an hour later we arrived in magical Paxi. It is recommended that you travel by car as although the Island is small there are only four taxis and it would take you a while to walk everywhere, especially in the heat.

On route to the hotel I was excited, Torri e Merli looked so stunning from what I had seen online but nothing could have prepared me for the beauty I was about to witness, driving into the gates I instantly felt like I had driven into Paradise itself, located in the olive groves that lead down to the pretty fishing village of Lakka,  Torri e Merli was everything I had expected and more …

We were given a tour of the hotel and the perfumed gardens, I weirdly felt at home here, the hotel is small with only six suites, one master suite and 1 garden suite, we stayed in the Garden suite which was away from the main hotel which made it all the more private and romantic. I prefer hotels like this as I like quiet boutique hotels that make me feel I am experiencing luxury and the history of such a beautiful island all in one. Venetian architecture and fine decoration created a chic and romantic atmosphere of times past. I was very impressed by the pool which was in perfect harmony with the natural surroundings and the breakfast was the best breakfast I had ever tasted, morning could not come quick enough.

There are three main towns in Paxos – Gaios, Lakka and Loggos. They were all equally as beautiful but my favourite was Lakka. One of the main attractions that bought us to this stunning Island was Antipaxos – Antipaxos is about 3 miles from Gaios and you can visit the island with one of the small boats that operate from Gaios, Antipaxos beaches have been compared to those in the Caribbean, and voted among the best in the mediterranean with white sand, crystal waters and the lightest blue sea.

The food was delicious and I highly recommend my favourite restaurants – Erimitis for the sunset views, Stasinos garden restaurant and Vasilis – both the last two had incredible food and 10/10 service, so kind and helpful and nothing was too much trouble.

I managed to fit my fashion in perfectly with Paxos, all high street brands and I wanted to photograph every detail although I did not have time to photograph as much as I wanted in the short week stay. I hope you enjoy looking at my photos as much as I enjoyed taking them for you. The island of Paxos should definitely be one of the destinations on your bucket list to visit. K x

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